Canoe Trip

On our Churchhill River trip we all had some challenging moments but that’s what made the trip so special, and worth taking even if it was just telling yourself you could make it through the day, by putting one foot in front of the other. We went on a canoe trip north of La Ronge, to Devil’s Lake, Bellows Lake and Champagne Island. The trip was filled with portages, canoeing and performing camping skills we learned throughout the year. It is not easy to carry a canoe to begin with but when you add in more factors the portages become a little more of a challenge. Some of the factors we had to deal with were rugged terrain, fallen down trees, muddy trails and swampy like areas. Despite the challenges we had on the trip the time we spent there was excellent. As a group we came together and we worked as a team. Everyone helped out whenever they could and did some extra work to help a friend out. On this trip we saw the Sluice falls and got to canoe down some moving water which was thrilling. I think this trip showed how strong this group can be and the potential each of us have.


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