Just an update on what we have been doing!

Just a couple of weeks ago we had our march break and since then we have been busy with our spring activities. On april 23 we helped out the lane family on their farm, by doing things around the barn and helping them treat their sheep. On May 2 we volunteered to help two family’s to stop their house from flooding by putting sand bags around their houses.We have also went on a fort quappelle walk to learn about how significant fort quapelle really is. A very exciting and competitive day was on April 25 when we had our Colin fry survival challenge. This challenged the students to test their knowledge to survive in a certain situation by incorporating knowledge they have  obtained in order for them to survive. For example we had to build a fire then boil water on the fire we made,  we build a suitable shelter, the we had to complete the nots Colin showed us and make a figure 4 trap.  From may 7 to the 10 we are going on a trip to either grasslands and cypress uplands or grasslands and big muddy. Many of you may know that there is a fire in cypress so that is a factor we have to consider also  when the roads get wet it is not possible for the bus to get down to the camp site so that’s why we may not go cypress. This program has defiantly improved the ability of the group as a team and will keep doing so through the semester.


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