End Of The Year

What a semester it has been! We have all grown so much with the program and have done so much. We started out in SaskAirie doing our first overnight trip and sleeping in quinzhees and concluded by canoeing down the Churchill River! Our class has grown a lot intellectually, socially and physically. My favourite aspect of the program is seeing everything around us and learning so much about nature while being able to see things that not many people get to see. I will always remember standing on top of 70 Mile Butte and just looking out into the vast distance. With this program I didn’t dread coming to school. I woke up every morning, jumped out of bed and was so excited for what the day would bring. In ODS you never know what you are going to experience.

I am going to end this post with a message for the 2014 ODS class. Embrace every second that you have, the year will fly by. I know Mr.Moore and Mrs.Werner will always say this, and it truly does fly by. Also remember to listen. Listen to what Colin and every other speaker and presenter has to say. They will teach you so much. My final suggestion is to take  when you are out at SaskAirie or on the Churchill River and just look around. Take the moment to appreciate everything because you only get one chance and if you miss it, its gone!

It has been such a great year. I want to thank all of the speakers and everyone who has helped us along this journey. Special thanks to Mr.Moore and Mrs.Werner for taking time away from their families to accompany us on the trips, and for everything else they have done!

Sincerely Lane, for Bailey and Shelby!


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