What is outdoor school to us?
Outdoor School isn’t just school, a class, or a semester filled with text books, it’s an experience of a lifetime filled with memories and lessons. It is a way of learning through experience and keeping the lessons with us. The Outdoor School program gives us a passion for learning.
The atmosphere we are put in every day brings us a new variety of challenges to face. We learn the life skills we need including team work, responsibility, trust, expanding our comfort zones, social skills, communication and learning life situations which we may face later. We learn skills that you would never learn in a normal classroom.We also begin to grow really close to our classmates and talk to people we would have never thought we would talk to. Perhaps the best thing of all is that we’re learning about ourselves and pushing yourself farther then you ever have. It’s getting out of the regular classroom and learning hands on which allows us to learn and remember.
This is a way of getting out of the standard school atmosphere and learning new things in a different way. We are not in the classroom packed full of students being held in until a bell rings, we don’t sit watching that ticking clock while leaning our head on our arm and dosing off. We’re out learning hands on making memories to keep the lessons with us for the rest of our lives.
Most students dread going to school. In this program we are explorers going on an adventure every day. There’s never a day the same which keeps it full of excitement.    We face situations together as a team and build together as a family. We learn as a group that you are only as strong as your weakest link and that you should never leave anyone behind. ODS  keeps our minds open every day and allows us to try new things while keeping our attitude positive. ODS makes you want to come to school and makes you enjoy it while you are there.
The environment encourages us to keep learning. The program is nearly all hands on keeping it interesting and making it easier to understand and remember. When you’re not learning things from a textbook you remember and learn a lot more. We create memories while we learn our life skills throughout the semester. When we are learning, we don’t even realize most of the time that we actually are.  We aren’t being forced into learning which results in boredom. ODS is where learning is an adventure making learning successful.
I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. Confucius

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