Thank you and Sponsors

This is a list of all of our sponsors who have helped us throughout our adventure in Outdoor School. To better our learning experience!

Colin Frey of Renewed by Nature

Great thanks to Colin Frey of Renewed by Nature, without Colin we wouldn’t have been able to a lot of things that we have done.  Thanks Colin for taking so much time out to teach us some of your skills and knowledge. We really appreciate how much you help our class out.  Thanks for taking two whole days to teach us our first aid course. Thanks for coming with us to SaskArie for the two-day trip, thanks for helping us with building our quinzee and showing us proper fire and knife skills.  It was a great experience sleeping in a quinzee and we had a lot of fun.  Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us, we greatly appreciate it.

If you would like more information about Colin and Renewed by Nature please take the time to visit Colin’s website at

Stephanie Reinhart

Thank You to Ms. Reinhart for spending your morning doing a great Presentation on Asperger’s syndrome. There is a few people in our class with Asperger’s syndrome and she opened our eyes and helped us better understand Asperger’s syndrome.

Lynn Anderson

Thank You Lynn Anderson for the great tour of Fort Qu’Appelle walking tour and helping us learn the rich history of the Fort. I know that the students and I really enjoyed all the information that you gave us!

Greg Mallett

Thank You Greg Mallett for the great hike and teaching us about the different plants, animals and insects found in our own backyard.


Thank you Mr. Ireland for the great time of geocaching at the University of Regina, I know I enjoyed it and a number of the kids really enjoyed it and we are going to make a cache here in Balgonie!


Thank you to Mr. Kaytor for the skiing demonstrations and subbing in for Mrs. Werner while she was away. I know that we all enjoyed you’re version of O Canada and all the enjoyment that you’ve brought.


Thank you Mrs. Gilroy for coming in at the last-minute and helping us without Grassland and Cyprus hills trip. We really enjoyed your tour of fort Walsh and all the laughs that you brought through the trip.

Lila Schneider

Thank you to Lila Schneider for helping us without first overnight trip to SaskArie. We know that we enjoyed your company.

World of White Tail

Thank you World of White Tail for the Lunch on our Wildlife hike with Greg Mallet. Thank you again for the Camp Mats I know that I really enjoy them and I am sure everyone else does!

Russel Czemeres

Thank you to Russel Czemeres for coming and giving us a lesson on First Nations history. Thanks for spending an hour sharing his knowledge to us on the Native history. It was very interesting and we sure learnt a lot in only an hour! Thanks for taking that time to share your great knowledge with us.

Ms. Pinay-Schindler

Thank you to Ms. Pinay-Schindler for the very informative presentation on the Plains Cree and their Oral Tradition’s. It was very eye-opening to learn so much about the Plains Cree and their different types of traditions they practice.

Mr. Gilroy & Mr. Nielsen

Thank you Mr. Gilroy & Mr. Nielsen and spending 6 weeks with us in our adventure and teaching us how to dance, how to eat properly, how to exercise and giving us lots of memories. I hope that both of you find a teaching jobs at Greenall so we can spend more time with the both of you.

Adam Matichuk & Darren Clay

Thank You Adam Matichuk & Parren Clay for taking time out of your busy day to teach us how to Ice fish and helping a few of us catch our very first fish. It was a very cool experience and we thank you for it.

Lane Family Farm

Thank you to Lane Family for having us out to their organic farm. We learnt a lot about sheep and the importance in being organic.  It was a very interesting process on organic growing.  We all enjoyed helping out with your farm and seeing lambs being born. Thanks for the great experience.

Fresh Air Experience

A great thanks to Fresh Air Experience for a great discount on our skate ski rentals, we had a blast trying out skate skiing. Our entire class got to try skate skiing o thanks to Trevor, who came out to give us a lesson on how to skate ski. Thanks Fresh Air Experience for giving us the chance to try out skate skiing, and thanks to Trevor for taking time and coming out to be our instructor.  We had a great time.

Dallas Valley Ranch Camp

Thank you to Dallas Valley Ranch Camp for letting our entire class come out and spend the two days that were full of fun there.  We greatly appreciate it for letting us stay at the camp.  Thanks to the amazing cooks for making our meals the whole time we were there, the meals and snacks were great! We all had an excellent time, thank you for everything.

Lawson Aquatic Center

Thanks to Lawson Aquatic Center for the swimming lessons to our entire class.  We appreciate the time you guys took out of your day to teach us all how to properly swim.  We had tons of fun and greatly enjoyed it.

Prairie Valley School Division

Thanks to Prairie Valley School Division for providing us with the great opportunity to experience the Outdoor School program.  Without Prairie Valley School Division this whole program wouldn’t exist. Thanks a lot to everyone in Prairie Valley School Division; we couldn’t have any better of an experience with the Outdoor Program.

Mr. Moore & Mrs. Werner

Thank you to Mr. Moore & Mrs. Werner for everything, if it wasn’t for all your hard work and determination we wouldn’t be able to have this program. We always have enjoyed your stories that have made us laugh and cry and we hope that you two will continue to do the program so that other kids get this great chance at a program like this!


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