End Of The Year

What a semester it has been! We have all grown so much with the program and have done so much. We started out in SaskAirie doing our first overnight trip and sleeping in quinzhees and concluded by canoeing down the Churchill River! Our class has grown a lot intellectually, socially and physically. My favourite aspect of the program is seeing everything around us and learning so much about nature while being able to see things that not many people get to see. I will always remember standing on top of 70 Mile Butte and just looking out into the vast distance. With this program I didn’t dread coming to school. I woke up every morning, jumped out of bed and was so excited for what the day would bring. In ODS you never know what you are going to experience.

I am going to end this post with a message for the 2014 ODS class. Embrace every second that you have, the year will fly by. I know Mr.Moore and Mrs.Werner will always say this, and it truly does fly by. Also remember to listen. Listen to what Colin and every other speaker and presenter has to say. They will teach you so much. My final suggestion is to take  when you are out at SaskAirie or on the Churchill River and just look around. Take the moment to appreciate everything because you only get one chance and if you miss it, its gone!

It has been such a great year. I want to thank all of the speakers and everyone who has helped us along this journey. Special thanks to Mr.Moore and Mrs.Werner for taking time away from their families to accompany us on the trips, and for everything else they have done!

Sincerely Lane, for Bailey and Shelby!


Canoe Trip

On our Churchhill River trip we all had some challenging moments but that’s what made the trip so special, and worth taking even if it was just telling yourself you could make it through the day, by putting one foot in front of the other. We went on a canoe trip north of La Ronge, to Devil’s Lake, Bellows Lake and Champagne Island. The trip was filled with portages, canoeing and performing camping skills we learned throughout the year. It is not easy to carry a canoe to begin with but when you add in more factors the portages become a little more of a challenge. Some of the factors we had to deal with were rugged terrain, fallen down trees, muddy trails and swampy like areas. Despite the challenges we had on the trip the time we spent there was excellent. As a group we came together and we worked as a team. Everyone helped out whenever they could and did some extra work to help a friend out. On this trip we saw the Sluice falls and got to canoe down some moving water which was thrilling. I think this trip showed how strong this group can be and the potential each of us have.

Cypress and Grasslands Camping trip

About two weeks ago we went to Grasslands National Park and Cypress Uplands. When we were at Grasslands we got to see Fort Walsh and the site of the Cypress Hills Massacre. It was really cool to go to the place where the conflict actually happened and to imagine what the people had to go through to get there. At Cypress Uplands we hiked to the hidden conglomerate cliffs, it was a bit of a hike but the scenery was beautiful. The view from the cliffs was amazing. You would have never guessed they were located in Saskatchewan. For most people the best part of the trip was the hike back from the cliffs, because we weren’t on a road we had to go through the bush. On this trip we learned the importance of teamwork and to help each other out when they were struggling with something. Overall this trip was awesome and we got to see beautiful views that most people don’t get to see.

Grey Owls Camping Trip

Last week we went to Prince Albert National park to see Grey Owls cabin and to go camping. We had beautiful weather for the 4 days that we were gone. During our hikes we saw how beautiful the land is with the clear water, sandy beaches and the landscape with the trees and other vegetation. These hikes allowed us to bond with each other and get to know each other better because we hiked for a long time. During this trip we were doing an activity that involved trying to find traces of a bear. While we were doing this activity a group of people actually saw a bear which that was pretty exciting. We went to Grey Owls cabin where we saw his grave as well as those of his wives and children. We took some time to thank the land for what it had to offer by sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down. These are memories we are never going to forget.

Just an update on what we have been doing!

Just a couple of weeks ago we had our march break and since then we have been busy with our spring activities. On april 23 we helped out the lane family on their farm, by doing things around the barn and helping them treat their sheep. On May 2 we volunteered to help two family’s to stop their house from flooding by putting sand bags around their houses.We have also went on a fort quappelle walk to learn about how significant fort quapelle really is. A very exciting and competitive day was on April 25 when we had our Colin fry survival challenge. This challenged the students to test their knowledge to survive in a certain situation by incorporating knowledge they have  obtained in order for them to survive. For example we had to build a fire then boil water on the fire we made,  we build a suitable shelter, the we had to complete the nots Colin showed us and make a figure 4 trap.  From may 7 to the 10 we are going on a trip to either grasslands and cypress uplands or grasslands and big muddy. Many of you may know that there is a fire in cypress so that is a factor we have to consider also  when the roads get wet it is not possible for the bus to get down to the camp site so that’s why we may not go cypress. This program has defiantly improved the ability of the group as a team and will keep doing so through the semester.

ODS in March

This semester is going by so fast I don’t even know where the time has gone, it feels like yesterday were all just getting to know each other in our first day of class.The past month it has been packed full with exciting and adventurous activities. At the beginning of the month we went on a winter camping trip for 3 days which one of the nights we slept in quinzes. During the past weeks we have also went cross country skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, skating and went to Gymnastics Adventure. Our interns are trying to get us in shape for are big hikes so we have been doing intense workouts and one of the workouts happened at a gym called Level 10.  Some of our day trips have been cancelled because of the weather but we are trying to reschedule them as soon as we can. These past weeks have allowed us to grow as a team and learn more about each other while leaning life lessons along the way.